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How to Find Ideas for Your Business Blog

Business BlogWhen it comes to business blogging, many people find it difficult to find ideas on what to write about. If you are required to write several posts every week, as well as produce a video and write company newsletters or white papers, you might get overwhelmed after a short time and run out of things to say. However, if you look at your industry from a different angle, you will find out that there are many subjects that you could write about.

The following are some of the places where you can find great ideas for your posts:

1. Frontline staff

Some companies have employees such as customer service agents, sales clerks and field agents who deal directly with clients on a daily basis. Since these people are in direct contact with the clients, they are likely to be very conversant with the needs and problems of the target audience. If you have such staff in your company, they could be a very valuable source of blog post ideas. What are customers constantly asking or complaining about? Each encounter they have with a customer could provide the topic for your next post.

2. Competitor’s newsletters

Your competition can inspire great ideas for your blog. Subscribe to their blog RSS feed or company newsletter to find out which subjects are popular. You can then pick ideas from their posts and use them to create your own content. In addition, by reading your competitors’ posts, you will be able to identify topics which have not been addressed. By offering your customers information which your competition isn’t, you will make your brand stand out and thus build authority.

3. Blog comments section

The comments section of a blog can offer very useful ideas for future blog posts. People usually ask questions or request for further information after reading a post. Some might not agree with some parts of your post and will offer a different opinion. When you look at what your readers have to say, you are likely to get inspiration for a blog post topic.

4. Website FAQ

If your site has an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, you could consider turning your answers into full fledged blog posts. This will enable you to address the potential concerns of your customers in greater detail.

5. Webinar Q/A sessions

Many companies use webinars as a tool for interacting with customers. The Q/A session of a webinar can be a great source of blog topics. Make sure you take note of all the questions as they are asked. When the webinar is over, you can then find a way of answering these questions in form of blog posts.

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