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How to Design Sites for Target Audiences

web designWhen designing a site, you need to consider who your target audience is. This will enable you to come up with a design which is best suited to their needs, and thus enhance your chances of success. The following are some of the major areas you need to consider when designing a website for a targeted audience.

1. Layout

You need to ensure that the layout of different elements in your site is appropriate for the kind of audience you want to reach. For instance, a basic layout which has very few links would suit an older audience which has little technical knowledge, while a more youthful audience would prefer a dynamic site with more features. In addition, you need to ensure that the fonts used suit your target audience as well as your brand. For example, if your brand targets senior adults, a basic font in a large point size would be ideal. However, if your target is teens, you could go for a more artsy and fun font.

2. Navigation

Your site’s layout and navigation are closely related. An older audience which has limited technical knowledge would be comfortable with a basic top navigation bar. However, a youthful audience would not mind having several navigation menus, footers and sidebars which give them a chance to find more specific information from the site.

3. Color

When designing your site, use colors which are suitable for your target audience. For instance, while an older audience is likely to have problems reading white text on a black background, young people might find it stylish. Though a site which is targeting artists could use a vibrant color scheme, this might not be appropriate for a site targeting lawyers.

4. Features

Your target audience will also influence the kind of features you can have on your site. Research has proved that younger people prefer video or audio content over written text. In addition, they would like to find links to social media profiles such as Facebook or Twitter which will enable them to share interesting content with their friends.

However, you need to ensure that the additional features on your site don’t interfere with your user experience. Though features like fly-over ads or pop-up windows might not be a problem for web-savvy users, people who have little technical knowledge might get offended by these features. Finally, you need to use feature which allow your audience to access the site from their computers, as well as their mobile devices.

5. Content

Your site’s level of success will be determined by the extent to which your content resonates with your target audience. When people visit your site, they need to find solutions to their problems in the content published, as well as your marketing message. If your content does not match your target audience, they will end up leaving your site and finding others that are more relevant to their needs.

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