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Content Marketing Tips for Musicians

Music careerContent marketing involves promoting yourself by sharing free content. As a musician, this content could be videos on platforms such as YouTube, photos on Instagram, song clips on your site or text posts on your blog. Content marketing offers musicians several benefits:

  • Regular, good quality content can improve your search engine rankings. This makes it easier for people to find you
  • It allows you to build a stronger connection with your fans
  • It gives your fans a reason to come back for more
  • It is cheaper compared to other kinds of promotions
  • Content put out lasts long and can even be reused in future

The following are some ideas for using content to market your music:

Video based content

  • Behind the scenes videos of your concerts
  • Videos of your rehearsals
  • Behind the scenes footage of music video shoots
  • A video of you interacting with fans
  • Videos of you in the studio
  • A series of videos showing the progress of your projects
  • Videos of your fans singing or dancing to your song
  • A video of you talking about your preferred musical instrument
  • Video tutorial for playing your songs

Photo content

  • Photos of your studio sessions
  • Photos of yourself with fans
  • Photos of your upcoming single or album cover
  • Photos of you with famous artists
  • Photos of your recent concert
  • Throwback photos of you

Song based content

  • Song clips from your upcoming album
  • Streams of your latest song
  • Streams of other artists’ songs
  • Song lyrics
  • Music scores of your songs

General ideas

  • A poll to find out your fan’s favorite songs
  • A list of top 5 songs voted by you
  • Your opinion on a current debate involving your style of music
  • General music lessons e.g. in songwriting or vocal exercises
  • An article or video about your journey in music
  • Videos of you engaging in your hobbies
  • Posts about the inspiration behind your songs
  • A ‘Did you know’ article about yourself
  • A video or article about your objectives for the new year
  • Testimonials and reviews from your fans
  • Your review of another artist in your genre
  • A survey or quiz for your fans
  • Your response to another writer’s news article
  •  A photo gallery, video or article capturing a typical day in your life


Content marketing can be a very effective strategy for getting fans more involved in your music career. It would be advisable to post at least two pieces of content every week. Make sure the quality of your content is consistent. Have a small video camera or a camera phone with you at all times ready to capture an opportune moment. You could also consider uploading app recorders such as Evernote on your smartphone. Finally, it would also be advisable to carry a notepad to make a quick note of ideas for future content.

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