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Guidelines for Using Watermarks in Web Images

Image theft has become an issue of great concern for most professional photographers. As a result, many have resorted to using watermarks to protect their creative works. However, these watermarks could end up working against the photographer’s business. Heavily watermarked images have a lower chance of being licensed by photo buyers compared to those that […]

How to Write an Effective ‘About’ Page

Most websites or blogs have an ‘About’ page which contains some details about the owner. However, in many cases, such pages are very ineffective. An ‘About’ page is meant to offer basic information about you the owner and the services or products that you offer. This is what people want to see when they visit […]

Fundamental Elements for Every Website

There are numerous sites on the internet, with each having distinct content, features, design, functionality and markup. However, despite these differences, every website needs to have some basic elements. A good navigation menu Every website needs to be navigable. It does not matter how well designed a site is if visitors cannot navigate it easily. […]