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How to Become Efficient With a 5 Step Web Development Life Cycle

Are you an aspiring web developer or an experienced programmer? Efficiency and improving productivity are two goals that every professional web & software developer should aim to achieve. But how exactly do you transform from a newbie engineer to an experienced and efficient web developer in this fast changing and dynamic profession like web development? […]

Integrating Cryptocurrency Into Your E-Commerce Website

As the internet continues to evolve, e-commerce websites need to adapt to changes to the digital landscape in order to remain relevant and competitive. One of the biggest growing developments is the emergence of cryptocurrency – a new all-digital asset – that has been increasing in popularity; many crypto enthusiasts naturally want to use this […]

Web Development Myths to Avoid

When you decide to become a web developer, you become passionate and joyful about what you could do and become until you begin to hear a large amount of irrational arguments and long-standing myths which will threaten your desire to become a developer. These myths are just what they are – myths. Designed to lead […]

A/B Split Testing: A Beginner’s Guide

After countless hours of agonizing design work, image sourcing, and copywriting, your website is finally live and open for visitors. At this point, you may think you’ve done all you can do to make your website a success. But unless you have zero expectations for your website’s performance, your work is far from finished. It […]

A Guide To Successful Conversion Rate Optimization

IMAGE: MASHABLE COMPOSITE ANATOLIY BABIY/GETTY CREATIVE Many businesses build websites for the sake of having a website. This can be a waste of valuable time and resources, especially when there aren’t clear cut goals on what the website is for. Simply put: if your website isn’t leading to better business, it’s time to rethink your […]