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Tips for Using LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is a social media platform which is used for business promotion by many people. The following are some ways in which LinkedIn can be used for business. 1. Demonstrating your expertise You represent your business. Therefore, how you present yourself will show customers if your business is capable of meeting their needs. LinkedIn can […]

Pinterest for Business – Mistakes to Avoid

Pinterest is the latest arrival in the social media scene. It is basically a site where users can gather and share images of their favorite hobbies, events and interests. Despite its growing popularity, there are only a few people using Pinterest for business as compared to Twitter and Facebook. However, Pinterest offers a great opportunity […]

How Bloggers Can Use Twitter Effectively

Twitter is a great tool for growing blogs as well as building relationships. The following are some ways in which Twitter can come in handy for bloggers. 1. Generating traffic Twitter can be a great tool for marketing your blog. For instance, if you have just published new content on your blog or are running […]

How to Write Social Media-Friendly Posts

Every blogger would want their posts to get shared as much as possible on social media channels. The following are some tips that will ensure maximum social media love for your posts. 1. Write a post that many people can relate to For a post to viral on social media, you need to make sure […]

Tips for Effective Photo Sharing on Twitter

In 2011, Twitter launched its photo sharing feature which allows users to share photos within the network. The feature allows uploading of photos that are 3MB or less in size. However, images can be cropped or resized for faster uploading. Twitter allows .png, .jpeg and .gif files, but not .tiff, .bmp and animated .gif images. […]