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Tips for Successful Content Marketing

It has been said many times that ‘Content is King!’ However, if it does not have an audience, it is of no value. There are many people out there fighting for the attention of online audiences. This is why some marketing is important to get exposure for your content. Some people imagine that content marketing […]

Tips for Creating Marketing Personas

A marketing persona refers to a make-believe version of your clients or prospects which has character traits, as well as a name. Business owners use personas to direct their marketing decisions. To create personas for your different target markets, you need to have a good understanding of your audience. Here are some questions you need […]

Ecommerce Sites – Tips for Link Building

When it comes to search engine optimization, back links are very important. For your e-commerce site to have a good search engine ranking, it should have a good number of quality links pointing back to it. However, these should not be links generated through spamming or paid links. The following are some of the tactics […]

Tips for Managing Your Business’ Online Reputation

Once in a while, someone will make a positive or a negative comment about your business online. Unhappy customers are especially known to vent their frustrations online for anyone who cares to listen. There are also unethical competitors who will say all kinds of negative things to discredit your business. This means that you need […]

Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

With the phenomenal growth of Twitter in the recent years, many businesses are now looking for ways of tapping into its potential for digital marketing. Currently, Twitter boasts over 200 million users. However, success is not guaranteed with Twitter promotion. Whereas some business owners have succeeded in their promotional efforts on Twitter, others have ended […]