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Guidelines for Writing Blog Contest Rules

Nowadays, many people are using blog contests as a way of attracting traffic to their blogs, as well as rewarding loyal readers. However, if not handled properly, they can end up working against you. To protect yourself, you need to come up with appropriate and comprehensive rules which will govern your contest. Rules will ensure […]

How Bloggers Can Use Twitter Effectively

Twitter is a great tool for growing blogs as well as building relationships. The following are some ways in which Twitter can come in handy for bloggers. 1. Generating traffic Twitter can be a great tool for marketing your blog. For instance, if you have just published new content on your blog or are running […]

Prerequisites for Launching a Successful Blog

Nowadays, more and more people are diving into the waters of blogging. However, most don’t take time to consider what it takes to succeed. The following are some prerequisites for starting a successful blog. 1. Time Running a successful blog will require a significant investment of time and effort. A lot of time should be […]

How to Find Ideas for Your Business Blog

When it comes to business blogging, many people find it difficult to find ideas on what to write about. If you are required to write several posts every week, as well as produce a video and write company newsletters or white papers, you might get overwhelmed after a short time and run out of things […]

How to Write Social Media-Friendly Posts

Every blogger would want their posts to get shared as much as possible on social media channels. The following are some tips that will ensure maximum social media love for your posts. 1. Write a post that many people can relate to For a post to viral on social media, you need to make sure […]