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How Blogging Can Help You Get Writing Jobs

Freelance WritingTechBlogKe has already covered the topic ‘How Blogging Enhances Your Writing’. Besides improving your skills in writing, blogging can also be a way of getting writing jobs that pay. Here are some ways blogging help you get freelance writing jobs.

1. You can self-publish your writings at no cost                   

Blogging allows you to self-publish your posts on a blog for free.  The only cost you will probably incur is the cost of internet connection and hosting. Once your blog becomes popular and you are recognized as an authority in your niche, people will be willing to pay you to write for them. In addition, you could make money from running paid advertisements on your blog.

2. You can build a portfolio

One of the biggest challenges for freelance writers who are starting out is creating a portfolio to present to prospective clients. Having a personal blog is one of the best ways of having published pieces which can be used to build your portfolio. However, there is also the option of writing guest posts for other blogs. Personally, I have written guest posts for blogs such as Technically Easy, Profit on Knowledge, Blazing Minds, Tech Patio and Skyje. When potential clients see your work published by other people, they are likely to take you more seriously.

3. You have the chance to write on subjects you are passionate about

Your blog does not have to cover every topic you are interested in, but should be focused on a specific niche topic. This way, you can be an expert on the subject, and at the same time build up an interested audience. As you read other books and blogs on the subject, you will always be learning something new. When you become an authority in your specific niche, clients will be willing to pay you well to write for them.

4. You can market yourself through your blog

If you write excellent and authoritative posts, a blog can be a great tool for marketing yourself. You could create a ‘Hire me’ page which outlines the kind of writing services you offer, or have an advertisement on all your pages promoting your services. Remember to leave contact details which prospective clients can use to reach you. If someone finds your content and writing style to be excellent, they may be interested in hiring you. In addition, if your blog has a good search engine ranking, you will be more visible online.

5. You could get a book deal

Nowadays, books based on blogs are becoming increasingly common. Every week, there is probably a blogger somewhere signing a book deal. If you blog grows and becomes very popular, you might just get a phone call from an agent. Besides getting a book deal, you could also use your blog to promote your own book.

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