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How Bloggers Can Use Twitter Effectively

TwitterTwitter is a great tool for growing blogs as well as building relationships. The following are some ways in which Twitter can come in handy for bloggers.

1. Generating traffic

Twitter can be a great tool for marketing your blog. For instance, if you have just published new content on your blog or are running a blog contest, send a tweet to inform your followers. If the information is interesting, they are likely to share it with others in their network. As the word spreads, many people will want to visit your blog to find out more.

2. Networking

Twitter has been designed essentially as a tool for networking. If people find your tweets interesting or helpful, they are likely to follow you. As a result, you will be able to network with people who are like-minded. This may in turn translate into increased traffic to your blog.

3. Making business contacts

Besides being a great tool for networking with people who share your interests, Twitter can also be very helpful in making business contacts. It can come in handy when you want to discuss business ideas with others, find a new job, or hire someone to run your business or blog.

4. Generating ideas for blog posts

For any blogger lacking ideas for their next post, Twitter can come in very handy. Read several tweets to find out what people are discussing. As you read, you are likely to get a few ideas for future blog posts.

5. Displaying your expertise

Twitter can help you display your expertise as a blogger to the online community. When you tweet about topics which you are conversant with, and answer questions asked by others, people will start seeing you as an authority in your niche. This will enhance the credibility of your blog, and consequently increase traffic.

6. Asking questions

While attempting to present yourself as an authority in your niche, you should also be teachable. Therefore, take time to ask questions. There is a lot you can learn from the people you follow, as well as your followers.

7. Asking for promotional help

You can use Twitter to ask your followers to promote your posts through other social media channels such as Stumble, Digg or Facebook.

8. Checking for accuracy

You might be writing a post about a specific topic but are not sure about some facts. You could send a tweet asking your followers for clarification. At the same time, you could give them a hint about the upcoming post.

9. Offering live coverage

Twitter can be a very effective tool for sharing information from a live event. You can keep your followers updated by sending multiple tweets in real time. Later on, you could expand the tweets into full-length blog posts.

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