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Blog Roll Basics

blog rollA blog roll refers to a list of blogs which you find useful and would like to share with your audience. This normally involves listing the name of the blog, as well as providing a link to it. For instance, if your blog is about home improvement, you could have a blog roll with links to other related blogs or sites. This will enable your readers to find more information on the same subject. If you wish, you could also include a short description of the blog along with a few links to some great posts. In most cases, the blog roll appears on the homepage of a blog. However, you could opt to create a separate static page for your list.

When you decide to have such a list on your blog, you need to consider what kind of blog roll you want, how often you will update it and who will be listed on it.

  1. Type of blog roll

The first thing you need to do is figure out the kind of blog roll you would want to share with your readers. It could be a list of blogs in your niche or simply a list of your personal favorites. In case your blog is targeting a local audience, you could list some blogs in your town or city. These are just a few of the possibilities which you could consider for your blog roll.

  1. Frequency of updating

Most bloggers assume that once they create a blog roll, their work is done. This is a big mistake. If visitors to your blog always find the same list on your blog roll, they might lose interest and stop visiting that page. However, keeping your blog roll fresh will enable you to retain the attention of your readers.

  1. Who to include

Deciding which blogs to include on your list can be a very difficult decision. Since you cannot always have an all inclusive list, it’s inevitable that some blogs will be left out. This might upset some bloggers who would have wanted to be listed. However, having a short list is the best way to go. In the course of time, you can always update it and list a different set of blogs.

Once you have decided who to include in your blog roll, you need to get in touch with the blog owner and let them know that you are considering adding them to your blog roll. Though most blog owners would not have a problem getting listed, it is just courteous to get their consent first. Make sure you send out a message of appreciation to anyone who allows you to list them on your blog roll. However, it wouldn’t be advisable to ask the other blogger for a reciprocal link. In most cases, the blogger you want to include on your list has a blog which has more popularity and traffic than yours. Therefore, they might not be particularly interested in linking to you

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