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Blog Partnership – Tips for Getting Started

Blog PartnershipOne of the best things about blogging is the opportunities for networking it offers. In the past few years, there many partnerships have been established between different bloggers. Despite the benefits that come with these partnerships, there is also an element of risk, especially in a situation where you are working with people virtually.

The following are some of the factors you need to consider before getting involved too much with other bloggers.

1. Longevity

It is advisable to work with blogger who have been in the business for a long time. Since most blog partnerships are for the long haul, you need to look for an element of longevity in your potential partner. Many people come up with great ideas, but fail to stick with them until the end. A blogger who has a strong background is likely to contribute ideas which will come in handy in the partnership.

2. Track record

Find out what your potential partner has done previously and whether it succeeded. In addition, look at their portfolio and see if their work is satisfactory according to your standards. Are they talented? What is their skill set? Do they have attention to detail? How good are their communication skills?

3. Pro-activity

There are many people out their talking about their dreams, and very few who are actually doing something about it. When someone pitches you an idea, find out if they have done anything about it in the first place. If they haven’t, you should ask them to get started on it, and return later to discuss with you.

4. Consistency

This is a vital requirement to look out for in a potential partner. If they run a blog, take time to visit it to see what they have written in the past. Find out if they have been consistent with the focus and tone of their posts, as well as the frequency of their writing.

5. Reputation

One of the best ways of knowing someone is by finding out what other people have to say about them. You could talk to other bloggers or former partners who have dealt with them. Alternatively, just search through Google using their name. The information you gather will help you decide whether or not to work with the person you are considering. However, as you investigate the potential partner, you need to remember to respect their privacy.

6. Availability

Many entrepreneurs have a tendency of thinking up many ideas, yet they don’t have the time to accomplish them all. Before getting into a partnership, find out what other projects your potential partner is involved in and how long they will take. If it appears that they are too busy, put the idea on hold until a more opportune time.

7. Familiarity

It is always advisable to start with a relationship before getting into a partnership. If a stranger suddenly pitches you an idea, it would be advisable to say no since you don’t know anything much about the person’s character. Take time to build respect and trust before making any kind of commitment.

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