Awesome Tools for Creating a Facebook Timeline Cover

FAcebookThe cover photo is the most visible element of your timeline. Since it is the first thing people see, you need to ensure that it sends a strong message about you or your brand. However, once in a while, you might find yourself without a photo which is ready to use. Here are some tools that can help you create a professional Facebook timeline cover:

Cover photo finder

The cover photo finder is an ideal source for professional images which are perfectly sized to for the Facebook timeline. You will find thousands of free images on the site, from model photos to attractive sceneries. This tool is very simple to use. All you need to do is download the photo to your computer, and then upload it directly on Facebook. No cropping or resizing is required.

Aviary Editor

In case you have your own cover photo but would want to edit or resize it, Aviary Editor can come in very handy. This app allows you to customize different elements of your images including saturation, brightness and warmth. Once you have downloaded this tool, you can then upload the image you want to edit. The navigation system has slider which can be used to alter the different elements. When editing is done, you can then export the file and upload it on Facebook.

Timeline image tool

Timeline image tool is very easy to use app that allows you to create and upload icon images on your timeline. You can upload your own photos, create customized icons or pick from a wide array of pre-designed icon images. To use this tool, go to your Facebook page and choose icon photos. You can then upload your own images, modify the text and customize the background color.

Pic Scatter

This tool helps you create a custom timeline cover photo using your previously uploaded photos. The photos could be picked from photos of friends, your photo album or photos you like. Your cover photo will appear as a collection of scattered photos. Pic Scatter comes with effects such as glow, gray, pink, vintage and sepia. The only downside is that the photos come with a Pic Scatter watermark.


CoverCanvas is the ideal tool for anyone that wants to show originality and creativity on Facebook timeline profile photo. You can create your own cover, change the background, or choose from one of the many covers in the site gallery.

Free Facebook Covers

If you want high quality Facebook covers, look no further. Free Facebook Covers offers a wide range of tailor made and attractive images. Each image in the site is verified before being uploaded. The best thing about these images is that they are not used as advertising space by Free Facebook Covers.


This another amazing source of a wide selection of Facebook covers. Facecoverz has thousands of images which are divided into different categories. This collection is updated on a daily basis, thus giving you even more options

Other tools you could use to create your Facebook timelien cover include Face it Pages, fcoverphotos, facebooktimelinebanner and coverjunction.

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