Advantages of Building Personal Blogs Using WordPress

WordpressWordPress is a popular blogging platform which can be used to build and promote business sites, as well as personal blogs. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider using WordPress when creating your personal blog.

1. Layout customization

Most blogging platforms offer free templates which can be used for building a blog. However, you need to tweak the design to make your blog to stand out among many others out there. WordPress offers tools which you can use to customize the layout of your site according to your preferences. You can easily add calendars to your blog, change the position of adverts, alter font styles and explore different color schemes without having to hire a professional designer to do it for you.

2. Connecting with readers

A blog offers you the opportunity of interacting with your visitors on a more personal level. WordPress offers a wide range of plug-ins which can help you interact with visitors through social media networks such as Twitter and Google+. In addition, there are plug-ins which you can use to run blog contests or create lists of top commenters. As a result, you will be able to build strong relationships with your readers.

3. Content control

Most blogging platforms have terms and conditions which regulate the posting of content on a site. For instance, there are platforms which don’t allow the posting of commercial content. This means that even selling advertising space on your blog is forbidden. However, WordPress doesn’t have such restrictions. Users have total control over whatever content they post.

4. Site promotion

WordPress offers a wide range of tools which can help you promote your site. For instance, there are plug-ins which you can use to optimize your content, thus making it easier for web users to locate your site online. Most of these plug-ins are free, thus offering a very convenient way of promoting your site.

5. Regular updates

Most blog owners are very concerned about issues of security. If your blogging software is not updated frequently, your site becomes exposed to attack. WordPress is on a continual basis releasing software updates which enhance functionality, security and stability. This significantly lowers the chances of people with malicious intent accessing your site, and thus ensures that your information is kept safe.

6. Publishing options

When starting a blog, you need to look for blogging software which offers scheduling options. With WordPress, you can create content in advance and schedule it for publishing according to your preference. This will ensure that your blog remains up to date, even during periods when you are busy with other commitments or away on vacation.

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