7 Best E-Commerce Marketing Tips For 2016

online store2Ecommerce is booming. A recent research has shown that in the US alone, the ecommerce sales soared up to 349.06B $ last year. Due to the competition of this extent, ecommerce is also becoming a tough nut for the new entrants to crack into. If you are a young entrepreneur, you need to know the basic marketing techniques through which you could surface on the global potential consumers’ radar.

This write-up is all about highlighting marketing tips essential to boost up your ecommerce venture. So, run through it to establish a strong customer base for your startup.

  1. Employ contextual ad – marketing strategy in your ecommerce marketing

Do you know about contextual advertisement? It is a data-driven marketing technique that uses the information about the user search patterns, keywords used and cookies-tracking in order to deliver the personalized advertisement at the right time and to the right audience. You can gather relevant information about your target customers/prospects by using a marketing automation system. Many giant websites including Google, eBay, etc. with large customer base use such systems.

It tracks web browsing history of users and keywords most frequently used for research. Exploit this information to display relevant advertisements on their web pages. Plan contextual advertisement for your ecommerce marketing, as it enhances productivity and increase sales rate.

  1. Give priority to user generated content

User generated content is a potential way of building trust among your customers. It includes customers’ reviews, ratings, pictures, etc. Usually, users find this information more authentic and plausible than your own content on product reviews. Through a genuine UGC (User-Generated Content), you can achieve several targets for your ecommerce business including sales stimulation, user interaction, product improvement, product customization (as per the users’ feedback), and increase customers’ loyalty. According to facts published by Syndy, when your users upload the photo of your product-in-use, it increases the brand traffic by 22%. This is just one example of how significant UGC can be for your ecommerce endeavor. You can imagine how rewarding it could be if you resort to such assistance dedicatedly.

  1. Incorporate engagement based loyalty programs

Involve with your customers. Increase your engagement level with them. The extensive use of social networks let the users become more aware of the online content as compared to yesteryears.

In 2016, the consistent user engagement becomes the primal factor in developing loyalty of a brand among its consumers. Introduce the engagement loyalty programs; for instance, offer your consumers some sort of reward points every time they interact with your brand.

Engagement is a consistent, bi-directional, dialogue-based interaction with the customers that indicates their loyalty. This increased loyalty ends up in increasing transactions with you, i.e. increased sales. What you need to do is to figure out different loyalty programs in order to attract and retain your customers.

  1. Incorporate transaction based loyalty programs

There are transaction-based loyalty programs as well, where there is a reward on every transaction a consumer makes with your brand. It is a well known and successful strategy to get repetitive sales from the same customer.

The point of such loyalty programs is increased customer retention. If they get some reward in return of their transaction, their likelihood to come back and do business with you again will go high. Retain your customers by giving them something extra on each transaction.

If you already have such strategies in place, complement them with the social media loyalty programs. The rightful social advocacy leads will give you a significant revenue impact. Announce rewards publicly on social media. The more personally you involve your customers with your brand; the better will be the outcome.

  1. Bridge the language barrier

According to One hour translation (OHT), the holiday sales that are made outside US are worth $300M.

It means that you have a vast potential of customers outside the territory of English language as well. However, it seems difficult to get a multilingual ecommerce site, apparently. But the good news is that now there are different widgets that can serve this purpose very well for you.

Most WordPress ecommerce-themes, Woocommerce-templates and other ecommerce platforms come with such translation settings. Be a multi-lingual ecommerce entrepreneur and cater the whole globe. The larger customer base you build, the more revenue you will be able to generate.

  1. Simpler checkout processes

Establish simpler checkout processes. Majority of customers usually bail out if they find the final step of their shopping a little bit complex. Research has shown that about 23% customers abandon their carts right away if they are asked to create a new user account.

What do you think could be a counter strategy?

Provide the user with the opportunity to get his/her shopping cart in the least clicks. In addition, facilitate the guests. Don’t push them in the hassle of membership activation. The more you get your ecommerce site user friendly, the greater will be the outcome.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Get into relationship with affiliate networks. These networks can get you access to large mailing lists and can direct a large chunk of traffic to your ecommerce site. The benefit of affiliate networks is high traffic. However, you get to pay some commission for every sale made by that traffic. Moreover, offer discount codes through these networks. It is one among many prime ways of attracting traffic to your site. A good affiliate campaign can help you achieve high revenues.


Ecommerce is sure on its way up. A large number of entrepreneurs are entering into the business to make sales, generate profits and earn high revenues. If you are one such entrepreneur, work well on your marketing strategies of your ecommerce site in order to reach a large base of customers.

Use contextual advertisement for ad marketing. Give your customers something special by adding and encouraging them for user generated content – UGC.

Moreover, incorporate different types of loyalty programs so as not only to attract the customers once, but retain them. Enable the translation of your site in different languages.

The more relevant marketing techniques you use, the larger user base you will be able to cater.


Khawar Zaman is a seasoned ecommerce consultant, best known for his expertise in developing ecommerce solutions, internet marketing and sales strategies. Nowadays, he takes care of Technorian as a cofounder, specialized in WooCommerce and Magento support services. They also help other companies survive and thrive by offering them top-of-the-line dedicated developers.

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