6 Ways Pinterest is Good for Business

Pinterest_2The rate at which Pinterest is gaining popularity is impressive compared to other social media platforms including Facebook. Only Google+ had more users on its first anniversary. You have probably heard how a particular picture looked cool on Pinterest. But how is all that helpful especially to your business?

Here are some of the ways Pinterest can benefit your business:

  1. Increasing your website traffic

Pinterest helps in the generation of traffic since images link to the source of the image thus sending potential customers your way. As opposed to Facebook and Twitter that are designed to connect people, Pinterest is intended to connect people with their interests online.

If your business can be visually represented, it will get traffic through Pinterest since it involves something that people may want or need. Pinterest creates more traffic today than Reddit and Twitter together. Pictures on Pinterest also look good. Influential Pinterest users can send lots of traffic to one’s site when they pin material.

  1. Google searches recognition

Ranking well in search engines such as Google is as crucial as growing a following on social media but it’s not a walk in the park. Pinterest enables good ranking without the need to put in a lot of work. The fact that Pinterest is image driven would make your ratings skyrocket since Google recognizes images more.

  1. Making Sales

It connects people with their interests translating into things they might want to buy. Products can be shown on Pinterest and how to use them too. The images can then direct them to the site from which the products may be bought. Online shopping in combination with Pinterest will result into sales.

A new buy button enables users make purchases immediately they find something they like without any additional charges. There are no charges for businesses that want to have the buy button on their products. Pinterest plans to make money from businesses that want to grow sales through promoted pins.

  1. Increasing your service or product reach

Through Pinterest connections, business collaborations and friendships are made between sellers and buyers. Connections are good for long term business prospects. Also, as Pinterest’s popularity increases, so does the ability of your services and products to reach a wider audience.

  1. Longetivity

Pinterest images become popular due to being up for a while. This is due to the structure of the site into boards. People go to boards and browse as opposed to going to pages and scrolling back past posts on Facebook. Repinning always brings new popularity.

  1. Demography

Pinterest is dominated by women who are educated and with an estimated income of a $100,000 a year. This translates to a high purchasing power and Pinterest is a great place for them to shop. They can take a look at brands boards and other user’s boards.

Pinterest would definitely be good for any upcoming business. Simply search ‘Pinterest Home Sign In’ and you’ve taken the first step to business success.


Eric Kyalo is the creative force behind NairobiTechie. He is happiest with a cup of tea on his side creating content and innovating. Contact him on kyaloeriq@gmail.com

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