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Archive for November 2017

How to Create Your Own Windows 10 Theme

Windows 10 has certainly seen some improvement since the launch of this new version. It has transformed into something more personal and giving, and there have been significant changes that are being made in the latest version of the Windows 10. Take the personalization part for example. The new changes in that section include the […]

Tips on Improving Your Lead Generation Efforts

The sales funnel is often a numbers game, and the value that organizations get at the end of the funnel depends largely on how well they fill the top and how well they move the prospects down the funnel. If the top of the funnel is not getting its due, the bottom suffers. In this […]

Web Development Myths to Avoid

When you decide to become a web developer, you become passionate and joyful about what you could do and become until you begin to hear a large amount of irrational arguments and long-standing myths which will threaten your desire to become a developer. These myths are just what they are – myths. Designed to lead […]

Top 10 Android Development Tools

Android is used by millions of developers around the globe to showcase their talent. Android is considered to be one of the easiest distribution platforms where developers can create and display their applications to a large number of people. Fortunately for developers, there is no shortage of tools available online to help them begin and […]

Avoiding These 5 Mistakes Can Make You a Successful Businessperson

Establishing a successful business is all about avoiding mistakes and learning from mistakes you made. However, it is also advised to learn from others’ mistake. A businessperson should avoid the mistakes that can turn pricey into the business. Disappointments are a part of every business story. But it only a wise businessperson can turn the […]