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Archive for June 2012

Blog Partnership – Tips for Getting Started

One of the best things about blogging is the opportunities for networking it offers. In the past few years, there many partnerships have been established between different bloggers. Despite the benefits that come with these partnerships, there is also an element of risk, especially in a situation where you are working with people virtually. The […]

Make Money Online Selling Advertising Space

Nowadays, many people make money directly from their blogs. Selling advertising space is one of the most popular tactics for earning an income directly from a blog. Advertising space in a blog can be sold in many different ways. Some of the most common advertising strategies being used include the following. 1. Impression based ads […]

Hosted Blog Platforms – The Pros and the Cons

Most bloggers who are starting out prefer to use hosted blog platforms since they are usually free and easy to use. These platforms allow you to host your own blog on their domain. Once you have finished the set up process, you are given a URL which combines the name of your blog and the […]

How Blogging Can Help You Get Writing Jobs

TechBlogKe has already covered the topic ‘How Blogging Enhances Your Writing’. Besides improving your skills in writing, blogging can also be a way of getting writing jobs that pay. Here are some ways blogging help you get freelance writing jobs. 1. You can self-publish your writings at no cost                    Blogging allows you to self-publish your […]