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Archive for February 2012

How to Test Web Hosting Providers

 It is very important to test a web hosting provider before signing up for their services. Since most service providers have offered customer support email addresses in their websites, it is easy to test the swiftness and quality of their support. This can be done by simply asking a few questions via email.       The […]

Tips for Effective Photo Sharing on Twitter

In 2011, Twitter launched its photo sharing feature which allows users to share photos within the network. The feature allows uploading of photos that are 3MB or less in size. However, images can be cropped or resized for faster uploading. Twitter allows .png, .jpeg and .gif files, but not .tiff, .bmp and animated .gif images. […]

Guidelines for Using Watermarks in Web Images

Image theft has become an issue of great concern for most professional photographers. As a result, many have resorted to using watermarks to protect their creative works. However, these watermarks could end up working against the photographer’s business. Heavily watermarked images have a lower chance of being licensed by photo buyers compared to those that […]