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How to Retain Your Best Talent

Retaining your best talent has to be one of the most important mandates you give your HR teams. Your employees are perhaps your biggest assets, and as such, need to be retained over time to ensure growth and success continuously. Retaining talent is part art and part science, and in this post, we will see […]

Making the Most of Corporate Travel with Expense Report Software

Corporate travel policies are outlined to provide clear guidelines for travelers, saving organization’s money by cutting down excessive spend. Organizations should make the policies easy to adhere in order to achieve compliance. Creating an easy-to-use travel and entertainment expense policy can enable organizations to have a clear picture of what’s happening with employee expenses. It […]

The Future of Recruitment

Recruitment automation sounds scary – you may feel like robots are filching away your jobs. However, it is not that. Presently, robotics, automation, and other new technologies are making the recruitment procedure easy and efficient. In general, a standard recruitment procedure takes 6-weeks time and costs more than $3,000. However, an accurate candidacy match can […]

How to Create Your Own Windows 10 Theme

Windows 10 has certainly seen some improvement since the launch of this new version. It has transformed into something more personal and giving, and there have been significant changes that are being made in the latest version of the Windows 10. Take the personalization part for example. The new changes in that section include the […]

Tips on Improving Your Lead Generation Efforts

The sales funnel is often a numbers game, and the value that organizations get at the end of the funnel depends largely on how well they fill the top and how well they move the prospects down the funnel. If the top of the funnel is not getting its due, the bottom suffers. In this […]